Story Writing

A Goat and Ten Coins of Silver

In a group of battle–hardened men, Wen always looked out of place. He was a slight fellow, fine–fingered. You have to be sixteen to join the King’s army, fourteen if they force you, and not one of us believed Wen was even that old. He said he was forced because of a five–fingered loaf of bread. That is, he was a thief. That may be the law, but stealing food isn’t stealing. It’s a part of life. No one pilfers a meal unless there’s no other way to afford it. An empty belly, unattended long enough, will drive any man to steal. Just ask any one of us.

Process Writing

Building Character

Perhaps the most important part of writing is the creation of believable characters. I try to keep some things in mind: We have contradictions, predilections, faults, and unwritten rules. For example: A character considers themselves a healthy eater. They hate broccoli (contradiction). They really like pizza (predilection) and would eat it every day. They can’t stop…

Process Writing

On The Block

Writer’s block is one of those things no one likes to talk about it because it sucks. You find the time to sit down and suddenly realize that your favorite writing chair is too lumpy, your favorite writing music is screechy, your favorite writing sweater is itchy…. It doesn’t matter how stoked and primed you…