About Me

Hi! I’m Jason Nadler. Welcome to my own “little world”.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. To be a writer has been something I have wanted to be for equally as long. I started this blog to write about writing: my writing, other writing, whatever musings spark my interest. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Writing with CJ

A little about me:

I am a creative soul.
Although writing has always been my first creative passion, art – especially photography – is another outlet I cherish. Even with a smart-phone, I usually have a camera handy. Every photographer has their things, for me it’s reflections, repetitions, and textures.

I live on the North Fork of Long Island with my amazing wife and two fur-children, CJ and Coco.
She is my Alpha Reader, always getting my latest chapter before it’s been truly polished. She’s brutally honest and usually right. CJ and Coco like to think they’re my muses and stay close when I write.

I’m an introvert, a genre nerd, and a tech geek.
As a reader, I gravitate to fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction, especially science, language, and history.
Movies and some television shows get my attention, too. For the past few years we’ve reviewed some films at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Midnight Section.

I am a huge fan of the wineries, breweries, restaurants, and farms on the North Fork.
Four years ago, I started a Blog to help promote them because I believe in supporting “local”. I don’t maintain it as actively as I used to because, well, “time”.

Since 2010, I’ve been a volunteer firefighter.
For those who know me, this is an unlikely pairing: I was terrified of heights and pass out at the sight of blood. My experiences in the fire service, facing my fears, changed me; I am no longer self-defined by things I once feared.

I’m also a runner.
When I run my brain shuts off everything unnecessary and I experience some of the purest moments of creative discovery.

I have a day job in marketing.
I handle all Social Media for my company and handle all aspects of their marketing and run inside sales. I am also their Salesforce administrator.

Did I mention I’m a writer?
It’s become a consuming passion, the place my mind wanders to. I’m currently working on a trilogy, The Books of Alexandrea. Read the blog, I’ll probably be talking about it a little.