Books of Alexandrea Writing

Chapter One

I guess it’s best to start at the beginning….

Late 2017, I said to my wife, “I still have a story in me. One day I really want to take the time and get it out.”
Her reply, “Why wait?”

So I did what I had done in the past and started creating characters and story plots and outlines that slowly would get fed together. It was arduous work and after months, my wife saw my efforts and made a suggestion that would change everything. She said, “I know this story means a lot to you, but maybe start with something that you can just sit down and write. No outlines, no character cards, just writing from day one.”

It was crazy, heretical even, but she’s usually right.

I took a week to brainstorm. By the end of the week, two scenes evolved in my head, and as I tried to piece them together, to see how they might connect, a story emerged.

In February, 2018, I sat down with my laptop and wrote the words, “Alexandrea stopped breathing.”

The Books of Alexandrea had been born. I wrote feverishly, often deciding where the next chapter went only once I got to it. Handing the first draft of each chapter to my wife as I wrote, she soon started demanding the next before I was done, suggesting I take time to write, helping me get into a rhythm and make writing a habit. “This is the best thing you’ve ever written,” she told me when she finished the first draft. “The story is amazing.”

I’m currently writing the second book in this planned trilogy, and really wanted an outlet to be able to talk more about writing, my choices, and other things that pique my interest.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you, reader, for coming along for the ride!

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